Automation Systems

Marine Automation Systems

Hi Pro Electronics prides itself in its expertise in providing customers with the best service in the field of Automation & Controls. By employing a team of highly qualified and experienced technical staff presently available in the industry, the Company can offer its clients superior routine and preventative maintenance solutions for the following systems:

  • Engine Maneuvering System
  • Integrated Alarm & Monitoring system.
  • Bilge Alarm system
  • Tank level Alarm& gauging system
  • Engine Oil mist detection system
  • Machinery room oil mist detection system
  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Oil water separator
  • Oil discharge Monitoring System
  • Boiler Automation
  • Incinerator Controls
  • Cargo Tank Level, Temp & Press Monitoring System
  • Cargo Pump Bearing Temp Monitoring System
  • Cargo Valves Control System
  • Ballast Valves Control System
  • Ballast Water Treatment Plant
  • Bow thruster control
  • Stern Thruster Control
  • DP System
  • Steering System