Beckhoff PLC Programming

Beckhoff Automation merges the platform diversity of the Windows PC with the 24/7 stability and determinism of a dedicated PLC with their CX series of Embedded PCs. Their industrial control OS runs under Windows, guaranteeing uptime and supporting the Windows ecosystem of applications. The EtherCAT communication network is supported on many platforms and provides extremely fast and reliable (deterministic) timing.

Beckhoff Automation

TwinCAT 3 Programming and InduSoft

Beckhoff Automation

Beckhoff’s systems are programmed in TwinCAT 3, a full-featured automation language that leverages Microsoft’s Visual Studio IDE. Their systems support a variety of displays, including InduSoft.

Beckhoff Motion Control

DMC uses Beckhoff for motion control because it has a strong set of function blocks that allow for shorter development time and code that is easier to maintain. DMC programs TwinCAT and Beckhoff servo systems including the AX5000 and AX8000 series. We also develop programs to control third-party servo systems on the TwinCAT platform.