Dolphin Monitoring Vessel Real Time Data Acquisition

Dolphin Fuel Logging & Vessel Performance

The Most Powerful Alarm Notification Software

Dolphin Monitoring Alarming by Hi Pro Electronics is the shipping industry’s most innovative software solution for building industrial alarming systems. Filter, escalate, and route alarms with drag-and-drop graphical pipelines. Produce comprehensive analytics and reports on alarms and user actions. Fast to install, easy to use, and infinitely scalable, Dolphin Monitoring is an unbeatable alarming solution

Dolphin Monitoring

Dynamic Customizable Alarms

Alarms support shelving, notes, separate pipelines for different alarm states, dynamic custom messages by alarm notification method, time and value deadbands, consolidation and more. Each alarm has multiple properties with values that can be assigned dynamically so you can customize your system. Customized alarms can be based on criteria such as users, schedules, tag type, and much more.

Dolphin Monitoring

SQL Support

Dolphin Monitoring supports any number or type of SQL databases to store and manage history for alarm events. With SQL it’s easy to report alarm statistics such as: events per hour, most frequent alarms, number of floods, unique chattering alarms, and more.

Hi Pro Electronics Dolphin Monitoring

Unlimited Licensing

Use unlimited tags and clients at no extra cost

Hi Pro Electronics Dolphin Monitoring

Web-Based Deployment

Web-launch clients to any devices with a web-browser

Hi Pro Electronics Dolphin Monitoring

Universal Platform

Alarming, SCADA, reporting, and more — on one platform

Hi Pro Electronics Dolphin Monitoring

Rapid Development

Comes with a powerful, unlimited, zero-install IDE — for free

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