Dolphin System (iFuel)


Dolphin Monitoring is a shipboard data collector bearing a sophisticated IoT interface that collects data from a number of sensors and instrumentation like:

  • Navigation Equipment
  • M/E – D/G consumption
  • Alarm & Monitoring Systems
  • Tank Level Gauging Systems
  • Torque Meter
  • Alarm Monitoring System
  • DGs Output Power

Data are transmitted through the existing communication infrastructure of the vessel while the transmission protocol is the new generation MQTT. Data are compressed and encrypted prior to any transmission to the shore based secure dedicated server.

The ship owner or an authorized third-party user have access to view and analyse the data as information. Dolphin application converts data to useful information both to Technical Dpt and Operations Dpt.

Dolphin Platform – How it works

The computerized unit operation, the iPC, run on a sophisticated software that was developed in-house. The software has a rigid algorithm and uses the Internet of Thing technology (IoT). The iPC synchronizes the operation of all Dolphin modules and units to collect data without no fault. The iPC verify the integrity of the data and proceed to compression and encryption. Then transmit them to an onshore Data Center via vessel’s satellite connection. The Data Center is certified as per ISO 27001:2005 – Cyber Security and the transmission is as per MQTT protocol (Internet of Things) achieving a very low data traffic.

Overview Page

No data are stored on board.It has a buffer memory that is designed to hold data in case of satellite connection problems.This buffer memory cannot be accessed or read, it is designed only for transmission upon satellite connection restoration.

The Dolphin platform is the virtual environment where the client (user) can access vessel’s or fleet’s data. The Dolphin platform provides:

  • Reporting
  • Alarming (Status – Journal)
  • Email notification
  • History trends
  • Evaluation tables
  • Fleet Performance Essays
  • Data export tool
  • Weather Condition Reports and Forecast (exemption clauses)

The user must have the credentials to access the Dolphin platform. The platform is secured and fast in response while multiple users’ access is supported. The platform has many standard features, but custom reports or tools can be designed upon request. The license of the platform is annual and per vessel and includes updates and first level technical support.

System's Components

  • 7′ HMI and access to basic platform by crew
  • Fixed report screens and tools
  • Fixed monitored sensors and vessel’s system (flow meters and Navigation readings included)
  • Ready System delivery to be installed by crew
  • Real time Data transmission to Dolphin Monitoring via MQTT (Json)
Dolphin System (iFuel)

Dolphin Platform – UI Modules

Visualization Module

  • Web based secured remote access (ISO 27001:2005)
  • Unlimited Clients for Real time monitoring
  • Specific vessel navigation page with graphics and data from bridge instruments
  • Fuel consumptions in graphic page and fuel oil data
  • Machinery overview in graphics and data from the connected engine control room data
  • Cargo overview in graphics and data from the connected cargo control room data

Alarming & Notification Module

  • User’s alarm notification by email

Reporting Module

  • Export formats in PDF, HTML, CSV, RTF, JPEG, PNG and XML
  • Daily reporting tools – On demand report

Data Export Module

  • Unlimited users / Unlimited database storage

Charting Module

  • Charts page with user choice multi data 24h chart
  • Historical trends and charts on user demand / selection

Map Module with 72 Hours Weather Forecast

  • Fleet tracking from dashboard page with vessel’s position
  • Geo-location
  • Weather Layers with Marine Data

Hull Performance Module (Provided by HELINTEC)

  • Vessel performance reports and comparison tables