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Hi Pro Electronics

Automation Systems

Hi Pro Electronics prides itself in its expertise in providing customers with the best service in the field of Automation & Controls. By employing a team of highly qualified and experienced technical staff presently available in the shipping industry.

Siemens S7-1200

PLC Programming

Hi Pro Electronics has over two decades of experience implementing industrial & marine automation solutions utilizing Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). We develop new PLC systems from the ground up and also troubleshoot, update, and add to pre-existing PLC systems.

Calibration & Certification

By using state of the art Beamex MC6 multifunctional field calibrator, Beamex FB industrial temperature block & Beamex ePG Electric Pressure Pump and Controller ,our company offers the service of calibration and certification of measuring and control equipment.

Hi Pro Electronics Marine Automation Systems

HMI & SCADA Programming

Hi Pro Electronics engineers specialize in developing state-of-the-art HMI and SCADA solutions for customers across a wide range of industries.

yokogawa coriolis flow meter

Coriolis Flow Meter Service

All pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical devices & equipments Design alarm panel by P.L.C Fire and smoke detection system Hydraulic remote control valves system Inert gas system, Inert gas generator and Oxygen analyzer. Fixed Gas Detection System Oil discharge monitoring system (ODME) 15ppm Bilge Alarm Monitor Tank gauging system and High level alarm

dolphin monitoring

Fuel Logging & Vessel Performance

Dolphin Monitoring by Hi Pro Electronics is the shipping industry’s most innovative software solution for building industrial alarming systems. Filter, escalate, and route alarms with drag-and-drop graphical pipelines. Produce comprehensive analytics and reports on alarms and user actions. Fast to install, easy to use, and infinitely scalable, Dolphin Monitoring is an unbeatable alarming solution

Boiler Control

Boiler Control

Boiler automatic combustion control (ACC) Boiler feed water control (FWC) PLC upgrading and MGO modification Health Check and Drydock maintenance

Afloat repairs


Afloat repair Retrofitting of existing system Marine repair, fabrication of pipe, steel works Power cable, Control Cable, Communication cables laying to be carried out between the Ship system, Electrical panels and BWTS equipment.

Marine Automation Systems

Troubleshoot, Repair, Maintenance

15ppm Bilge Alarm Monitoring System Ballast Tank and Void Space Gas Alarm Monitoring System Cargo Tank Pressure Alarm Monitoring System Cargo Tank High / High-High Level Alarm Monitoring System

M/E Maneuvering System Overhauling

M/E Maneuvering System Overhauling

The Main Engine’s remote-control system or M/E Maneuvering System as its widely known, is the core of every ship. Its is very important to be maintained and serviced in order to have the maximum functionality without any problems. .

ALFA LAVAL Ballast Water Treatment System

Project management

Hi Pro Electronics has the Experienced project management team for the project planning and to install Ballast water treatment system (BWTS) Plant while vessel at In-Service / Dy Dock.

Marine Automation Support & Maintenance

Support & Maintenance

At Hi Pro Electronics, we provide engineering and maintenance services to make sure that your automation and IT systems run smoothly at all times. We offer strong long-term operational support.