Support & Maintenance


Most of the performance Monitoring System setup is done at Hi Pro Electronics facilities.
Our engineers and technicians will program and setup the system in ship specific requirements before shipment.

If most of the required equipment is already installed, the crew on board will be able to mount the equipment under the guidance of Hi Pro Electronics support team for correct placement and electrical connection.
This installation method helps minimize the costs and required man-hours, while ensuring that the crew gets the maximum benefit of the system during use. However, Hi Pro Electronics can also provide installation with commissioning & tests as well the crew training.

The equipment you carry on board is no better than anything else unless work properly.
Hi Pro Electronics always has trained technicians to attend on your vessel. Scheduled service or urgent upgrade of a system is not an issue. Hi Pro immediate attention may considered as granted.

Supervision Framework

Hi Pro Electronics offers at an annual fee any additional SCADA development required for collecting signals. This service starts upon the commissioning of Dolphin system.

Hi Pro Electronics will be monitoring the Customer fleet on a daily basis (office hours) and will be responsible to:

  • Identify problems related to Customer data acquisition system
  • Inform Customer about active problems
  •  Act as 1st level support by following any troubleshooting steps required to solve problems
  •  Issues evaluation and upscaling to client’s attention in agreed conditions